2008 MD-UA Moldaavia-Ukraina Moldavia-Ucraina

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  1. Pilland-san こんにちわ.

    Thank you for always watching my calligraphy.

    I am surprised by your wide knowledge.
    At first I did not understand a meaning of "Radical 212" at all.
    I knew it for the first time. Thank you.

    "龍 dragon :" It mean that it is put to the 212nd in 214 康熙字典 radicals.

    reading of: "RYOU", "RYUU", "TATSU"  
    The "DOO" or "TOO" Japanese does not do such a reading of.
    As for "DOO", "道 (way)", "動 (move)" are common.

    They may show "dragons moving" as you say.
    However, do not write clearly that the dictionary assumes it the etymology definitely.

    There may not be my answer for your doubt precisely. Please forgive it.


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