1928 PL-RO Poola-Rumeenia Polonia-Romania


  1. The woman on the picture doesn't look like a traveler but rather like a local on the way to the supermarket or something. The border guards look also kinda easy going. I guess it wasn't one of those borders with high tensions.

    1. Romania and Poland in that age had been very good neighbours and friends. In the foreign politics they were allied in front of the USSR.
      And they were right: at the end of WWII Stalin wanted all this area. A piece from Poland, a piece from Romania and a piece of Czechoslovakia, just not to allow a triple border among these countries and to keep in touch the USSR also with Czechoslovakia and Hungary.
      On this photo, note also the road sign POLONIA written in Romanian (in Polish it is POLSKA) and planted in the last metre of Romania. It is a further prove of cordial relations between them.

  2. Hello Gio Ve, thank you for remembering my blog and the greetings! Best wishes and all the best to you :)
    I'd agree with Prahanoaki. Between the two World Wars Polish border with southern neighbours was rather calm. Just to say that after September Campaign in 1939 a part of defeated by III Reich and USRR Polish Army and the government fled to Romania.

    1. Thank you very much, Mateusz.
      Życzę powodzenia w przyszłości i samych sukcesów.


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