2012 CN-MO Hiina-Aomen Cina-Macao / 1958 CN-PT Hiina-Portugal Cina-Portogallo


  1. Ho notato solo dopo un po' che la prima foto ritraeva sempre questa Porta. Fa impressione vedere quanto sia cambiata la zona che le sta attorno.

  2. Beautiful pics. Obviously for me, I prefer the second one, with Macau under de Portuguese rule. I know Macau people and a charmant widow of a professional soldier of the Portuguese Army who served in Macau during some years. She misses always these times she lived.

  3. I totally agree with Fronteiras historiasdaraia, it is a pity I never had a chance to visit while still under Portuguese rule...

  4. I'm glad they didn't demolish the old gate, but their sense of aesthetics is totally lost in the ugly and overblown surroundings.


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