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  1. I know this place and it's very interesting. First of all, because it's situated near the «trifinium» at the Tromeja peak, in the Karavanke Mountains among Italy, Austria and Slovenia. In fact, these places, as also Tarvisio (Tarvis in German and Friulan, and the only Italian municipality where four languages are spoken), belong to the Carinthia region and it was part of the Carinthia province before World War I as the Slovenian Carinthia, called Koroška in Slovenian.
    At the South, you can find the Julian Alps and Triglav peak, the tallest in Slovenia. The current border it's of 1947 because before this year Rateče was called Racchio, a little village what was part of the Tarvisio Municipality, before passing to Kranjska Gora Municipality, part of Yugoslavia and after 1991 of Slovenia. Between this village and Kranjska Gora proper, you can find the Zelenci Natural Reserve Park, where there is a little lake considered the birth of the Sava River, perhaps with the Tisza River, the most important tributary that flows into the Danube at Belgrade. After this new border, a new neighbourhood was created at the Italian side known as Fusine Confine, within Fusine village, called in German Weißenfels, being German the main language spoken at this place.
    Absolutely recommended!


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