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  1. I know this border. Obviously, today it's all different and the border «desappeared» with the aplication of the Schengen Treaty in Slovenia from 2007.

    After passing the border to Nova Gorica, you find the little village of Salcano/Šolkan, near the Isonzo/Soča river, where zou can cross a bridge to the region of the Slovenian Collio, called in Slovenian Brda. Because of the Treaty of Osimo in 1977 between Italy and ancien Yugoslavia, a neutral road cross shortly Italian territory in the slopes of the Sabotino/Sabotin Mount what it's closed with a wire fence in both sides of the road. You find signpost indicating where begins «Italia» and «Republika Slovenija» as if it was any town when you arrive it. Until recent times in the Slovenian side of this mountain there was a visible nameplate who said «Naš Tito».

    Thanks for this pics because they show real life at Cold War in one of the worst moments, even Yugoslavia was not part of the Soviet Block after the crisis of 1948 between Tito and the USSR.

    Best regards from Portugal to you!

    1. Suzana Vodopivec27 January, 2012

      Not exactly. Look at the map here
      The point you're speaking about is from via Monte Santo (A3), while these photos are from via B. D'Alviano (C3).
      Before the end of Yugoslavia, this had been the only international checkpoint between Gorica and Nova Gorica. Besides there were 5 crossing passages more, but just reserved to residents living along the borderline in Gorica and Nova Gorica having with a card called "prepustnica" (in Italian "lasciapassare").

    2. I wasn't talking about borders or checkpoints between Gorizia e Nova Gorica, but about the road between Šolkan/Salcano and Podsabotin. If you know the region, this Slovenian road passes by Italian territory but it's not exactly a checkpoint of a border but one historical curiosity because the best way to communicate the Brda/Collio sloveno with the capital of the province of Goriška, that is, Nova Gorica, is travelling by a road that cross some centaines de metres in Italian territory but being impossible acessing Italy because of the wire fence in both sides of the road as happens with any motorway.

      Look at the map: http://maps.google.pt/maps/ms?msid=209022107156077368944.0004b787c87b2efb1dcf0&msa=0&ll=45.981896,13.633877&spn=0.055467,0.149517

    3. @ Fronteiras historiasdaraia - You are truly smart to know this situation. The road You are speaking about connects two places in Slovenia and passes through Italy, without accessibility from Italian territory. It was build in 1985, after the Agreement of Osimo between Italy and Yugoslavia.

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    1. Hello there, Maksym!
      9th place is however not bad. The world is great...
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