2001 KP-KR Lõuna-Korea-Põhja-Korea Corea R (del sud)-Corea RDP (del nord)

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  1. konnnichiwa piranndo sann

    Non c'è un confine di terra in Estremo Oriente a tutti.
    Pertanto, un tale scenario è molto raro.

    Drift ice arrived at Abashiri, Hokkaido now from Russia. Drift ice completely fills it up immediately between Russia and the Far East.
    Then we have a border of the land temporarily.
    Of course I can go to the island of the Russian territory on foot.
    However, there cannot be the thing that nobody went.
    The reason is because it loses life before arriving at Russia.
    The Russian soldier is very ferocious.

    webcam è interessante.

    ogennkide mata aimashou


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