2010 BO-CL Boliivia-Tšiili Bolivia-Cile


  1. Because my country is very small, the scenery of this border has a special impression for me.

    South America is a far-off place. . .

    Thank you.

  2. Muy buen blog, felicitaciones!
    Saludos desde Argentina,

  3. Looks very desolate, and from what little I can see the road on the Bolivian side looks to be in better shape than the one on the Chilean side...

  4. For Fenway Nation - Chile conquered its most northern territory after the "War of Pacific" (1879-1883). Chile had been attacked from Peru and Bolivia, but was able to win against both of them and did take away to Bolivia the seaside on the Pacific Ocean. By the way, Bolivia and Paraguay, nowadays, are the only countries in South America without the sea.
    In the years after, the relations between Chile and Bolivia became more pleasant.
    As regards this area, however, Bolivia is obviously more interested to maintain a better road for its trucks going to the sea, while Chile is not interested at all to keep in perfect order a road running through a desert and driving to a poorest neighbour.


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