1930 EE-LV Eestimaa-Läti Estonia-Lettonia


  1. Seda kohta saab ikka iga aasta külastatud :)

  2. Hi! We would like to share this photo in our Instagram/blog post. We want to share the story of Valka/Valga city. We found this photo very attractive and useful by historical meaning. Could we use this photo? You will be able to find this photo right here: http://stepbackfromthemap.com or http://instagram.com/stepbackfromthemap

    1. Feel free to use this photo and any other photo from this website.
      Moreover, if You are interested in ancient and recent photos of the border at Valka/Valga, please visit our community of the borders in Google Plus. In the following link
      there is the page of the photos from Valka/Valga. Feel free to share and/or to download all materials You prefer.
      Best wishes, thank You and long live Valka/Valga!


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