2008 ES-GI Hispaania-Gibraltar (Ühendkuningriik) Spagna-Gibilterra (Regno Unito)


  1. I knew that Gibraltar was a British territory for the first time.
    The history is interesting.

    Yes. The all borders have the story.

    Thank you. Pille san!!

  2. From 1700 it produced the War of Succession in Spain which led to the Bourbons to the throne. In this context the British take Gibraltar. The Treaty of Utrecht granted Menorca and Gibraltar to the British crown. However, Spain has always claimed this territory as their own.
    The key issue is in its geostrategic importance.
    Speaking of elsewhere, Ceuta, is one of the toughest borders I know. When you go through firsthand feel the contrast between wealth and poverty, between development and underdevelopment. Feel how hard are the borders. Especially some borders. Rafa ..


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