2008 CA-US Kanada-Ameerika Ühendriigid Canada-Stati Uniti d'America

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  1. Ciao, Pilland san!!
    Your wide knowledge reminded me of my memory.

    Yes. 12.08.1941. 12:00 AM.
    The war began.
    《ニイタカヤマノボレ 12:08 (niitaka yama nobore 1208)》
    The code telegraphic message was sent from the Imperial Headquarters to the Pacific task fleet.

    Mt. niitaka in Taiwan is "1,208m".

    I was in Taiwan with my family then.
    And us family heard announcement of the Japan government where Pearl Harbor attack was started on a radio.

    Navy special attack unit (Zero fighter) takes off from a carrier for Pearl Harbor.

    I cannot forget the memory. . .

    Thank you.
    In your kindness.


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