2008 ES-GI Hispaania-Gibraltar (Ühendkuningriik) Spagna-Gibilterra (Regno Unito)


  1. I know this border. The borderline is the wire fence that is placed on the left side. It's just in the exit to La Línea de la Concepción, the first Spanish town that is placed, as its name indicates, at the 'line' of the border. When you entry in Gibraltar, you must have patience because in normal conditions you have to wait half an hour because there are many cars and in the border post you have to show your documents (ID card if you are a EU-member citizen and passport if not) because Gibraltar doesn't form part of the Schengen Espace. It's a British colony and the unique colony in Europe, actually. Though Gibraltar has its own flag, it's a British territory.

    Sometimes yo have to stop in the same border post because the road to the town includes part of the runway where planes lands in the small Gibraltar Airport. To exit, yo have to pass also the border post, turn to the right and after turn to the left to leave British territory. The pic shows this last situation.

  2. I forgot. Many people go to Gibraltar because they work there because the colony is a tax haven and there are more companies than inhabitants (over 30.000) and the town is practically a great mall. It's interesting see the Europe's Point where you can see the Strait of Gibraltar and both shores: Ceuta and Morocco in Africa and Tarifa and Algeciras in Europe. Monkeys of Gibraltar are native and famous but it's very expensive to see them (over 40 £) but it's a paradise for smokers (it's a shame because I'm not) and to fill your car with oil. The town is not really interesting and more Gibraltar's people have a second residence in some localities than Sotogrande with beach and golf in the way to the Sun Coast (Marbella, Málaga, etc.)

  3. Im Alicia, and i live in Irun; the border beside Spain and France. I wanna know how to send to this blog photos of the border. Please, if you can,write a coment on my blog telling me how to do it. Thank you.


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