2011 CH-IT Šveits-Itaalia Svizzera-Italia


  1. Which part of Switzerland is it? Regione Ticino or Grigioni, perhaps Poschiavo, Santa Maria or Castasegna (near Chiavenna). It seems to be a border descending to the Valtellina valley, what remained as a part of the canton of Gräubunden/Grigioni until 1801, year when the region was annexed to the Cisalpin Republic, after, Kingdom of Italy in the context of the Napoleon Bonaparte wars.

  2. Beyond the border stone there is the a small blue road sign showing "S P 13", meaning "Strada Provinciale 13".
    This border is not very crowded, connecting the Lake of Como with the Lake of Lugano crossing a mountain. Try to look for "Lanzo D'Intelvi" with Google maps.
    This area of the border is not the language border of Italy, because Italian language is spoken in all Cantone Ticino of Switzerland.
    Switzerland in the XV Century did win a war against the Duchy of Milan and conquered just the upper valley of Ticino (Bellinzona and Lugano) and the upper valley of Adda (the Province od Sondrio, so called Valtellina).
    As You correctly said, Sondrio returned to Italy in the age of Napoleon.

  3. Toutes les frontières nous renvoient à la Grande Histoire. Cette route goudronnée commença sa vie en chemin de montagne.
    Belle soirée,


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