1961 DD-DE Ida-Saksamaa-Saksamaa RDT (Germania dell'est)-Germania


  1. Thanks for this pic. It's a historic document, actually. This remember me a German serie on TV "Der Tunnel", about East-Germans who want to go to West Berling during the building of the Wall and how they got it. I always liked all about ancient East-Germany: movies, series, cars like the famous «Trabi», the Stasi. I loved the film «Good-bye Lenin!» a German movie of 2004. It was amazing!

    And I remember how happy I felt when the Wall was opened and people went to West-Berling looking for freedom. Unfortunately, reality wasn't all good they expected. Capitalism has also too many inconvenients and the actual crisis is showing how real it is!

  2. Sorry! I wanted to say West-Berlin and not Berling. I don't now how is possible these mistake. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  3. Berlin however solved an historical anomaly in the space of a generation.
    It remains open the question of the "half-towns" - some times harder and harder and other times softer and softer -, here and there in the world. Calexico US - Mexicali MX, El Paso US - Ciudad Juárez MX, Gorizia IT - Nova Gorica SI, Görlitz DE - Zgorzelec PL, Valga EE - Valka LV, Komárom HU - Komárno SK, Bad Radkersburg AT - Gornja Radgona SI, etc.

  4. Rihonor ES - Rio de Onor PT, Marco PT - El Marco ES, Rabaça PT - La Rabaza ES, El Portús ES (or CAT) - Le Perthus FR, Dancharia FR - Dantxarinea ES (or EH), Nicosia (Λευκοσία) CY - Lefkoşa NTRC, and some other only in Europe!

  5. Klaus Magnus08 April, 2012

    By looking at the faces one should think that the prison guard is the one in front...

  6. Wow, la costruzione del muro. Siamo abituati a vedere le foto della sua demolizione...


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