1930 PL-RO Poola-Rumeenia Polonia-Romania


  1. This view developed my curiosity. I didn't know previously there was a border between Poland and Romania.
    This town now is in Ukraine with the name of Залiщики (Zalishchyky). The Romanians had called that Zalişcikî. But nowadays there is no border there.

  2. Now I am curious about Zalischyky. According to Wikipedia it was Polish during 1375 - 1772 and 1918 – 1939. In between is was part of Austria. Between the world wars it was an important tourist center of Poland, one of the few Polish areas where local wine was produced. It looks like the bridge didn’t make it into the 21th century.

  3. Distruzioni, uccisioni di ebrei, deportazioni e trasferimenti forzati di popoli da queste parti, da lì a pochi anni...


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