1930 IT-YU Itaalia-Jugoslaavia Italia-Iugoslavia / 2011 HR-HR Horvaatia-Horvaatia Croazia-Croazia


  1. Again a beautiful old postcard. Very nice. Still enjoying your website very much. Took pictures from German-CZ border for you and will send them when I'm back in Holland.


  2. This is the ancien border between Fiume (today Rijeka, in Croatia) and the quartier of Sušak taking part of ancien Yugoslavia after the occupation of the city by Gabriele d'Annunzio and his followers. They though that Fiume was one of the "terre irredente" (unredeemed lands) such as Dalmatia (only Zara, today Zadar, had majority of Italian population and was designated as taking part of Italy until 1947), Istria and the Venezia Giulia.

    Today the National Italian Community (Comunità Nazionale Italiana) of Croatia had one of their headquarters in Rijeka with their own schools where Italian is the language of teaching for the students. Italian are still about 8.000 inhabitants in Rijeka, despite the forced exodus of 1945-1947 after the arrival of Tito's partisans.


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