2011 IT-SI Itaalia-Sloveenia Italia-Slovenia


  1. Beautiful! I know this border because it's the most important border between Italy and Slovenia by motorway in the Gorizia region. This border (valico confinario di Sant'Andrea) is situated between the municipality of Gorizia and Šempeter-Vrtojba. There are many factories, logistics platforms and even a cemitery in this area. Very interesting from the borders' point of view.

    1. Correct. At the time of socialist Yugoslavia, this border crossing had been the most important for the trucks between Eastern and Western Europe.
      The cemetery of Gorizia (in the left, between the road for Trieste and the border) at the time of the Treaty of Paris (1947) firstly was divided in two parts by the new eastern frontier of Italy. Later, Yugoslavia gave back that entirely to Italy. On the right, under the flags, it is also visible the local railway between Gorizia and Nova Gorica.

    2. And when entering to Slovenia from here you must buy the vinjeta sticker :)


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