1945 IT-YU Itaalia-Jugoslaavia Italia-Iugoslavia


  1. Via del Rafut - Kostanjeviška cesta!
    Perche quella bandiera Italiana con lo stemma?

    1. Dal marzo 1861 al giugno 1946 la bandiera italiana fu questa. La fotografia è del 1945.

    2. Ho capito grazie. Pensavo che la bandiera monarchica italiana era stata annullata con la fine di guerra (come quella japponese). Invece e durata ancora. Non sapevo :)

  2. Beautiful pic! It's necessary to remember that Italy was still a monarchy until 1946 when there was a referendum and the country became a republic 2nd June 1946. Moreover, king Victor Emmanuel III was accused of collaborationism with the fascist regime.

    There is also an interesting story about the Konstanjevica/Castagnevizza Monastery because there was there where Charles X of France died, after be exilated as a consequence of the July Revolution of 1830 and the Three Glorious Days.

    1. Thank you for your precious comment!
      It must be remarked that June 2nd, 1946, had been just the first of 2 days of that referendum; on December 27th, 1947, it was issued the Constitution of the Italian Republic". Nevetheless the politicians of that period (almost all former fascists and with the support of the Pope, who did hate the family of the King because of September 20th, 1870) did forget to proclaim officially the "Italian Republic". This particular, even if not well known, however it exists. Because of this reason, the family of the King was forced to remain outside Italy until a few years ago: in this way, the Republican government could take advantage of so called "usucaption" ("usucapião", in Portuguese).
      The accuse of collaborationism to King Victor Emmanuel III with Mussolini is historically false. Italy was a "Constitutional Monarchy" and the "full power" to Mussolini had been given by the parliament in 1923 (Senators 100%; Deputees 175 vs 90). King Victor Emmanuel III had been a great person of Italian history. During his kingdom (1900-1946) Italy did win the war of Lybia, the First World War and became a world power, appreciated and/or envied. He was even called as a judge in border questions between Brazil and British Guyana (1903), between Portugal and UK (1905, 'Barotseland') and between Mexico and France ('Clipperton Island').
      His behaviour in the last years of His kingdom allowed Italy to remain after a united and a still existing sovereign State.

    2. As regards Charles X, the last King of France, his tomb is just in the Monastery of Kostanjevica (Castagnevizza). A lot of French people who still love monarchy visit that monastery in a never ending pilgrimage.
      Try to give a look at here (the website of the Franciscan monks living at Kostanjevica) or hera (a page in Wikipedia) .

  3. Lorsque je te disais dans un commentaire précédent celui-ci que ton blog rassemblait l'histoire et la géographie du monde autour de cette collection de frontières, en voici encore un bel exemple par cet échange entre ton correspondant et toi, dans lequel, j'apprends beaucoup de choses.
    Ton blog est vraiment précieux et dehors d'être passionnant.



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